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Suction Strainer

Plastic Suction Strainers are designed to be used on the suction side of non-submersible pumps. These units are used to remove or retrieve water from lakes, streams, ponds, bays, tanks, manholes, sumps, tunnels, mines, construction excavations, etc. The large, double-wall intake area offers 3 advantages: high flow rates; reduced entrance velocity; and less frequent need for service. For additional volume or reduced entrance velocity, 2 or more 40G's can be coupled together with a 2" pipe thread nipple. Also, filling the area between the two screens with pea gravel or other suitable filler material keeps debris and marine life out of the pumping system. Constructed of heavy-duty PVC, plastic, and stainless steel for years of trouble-free service.

NOTE: A 2" check valve should be installed at the top of the strainer to prevent loss of prime. Use care not to overtighten or cross-thread.

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406 Plastic Suction Strainers  2 X 6 18"

Plastic Suction Strainers 2” X 6” X 18"

806 Plastic Suction Strainers  6X12 12"

Plastic Suction Strainers 6” X 12” X 12"