EX-CAP with Quick Connect (sold separately)

This EX-CAP is only 1” taller than your average locking well plug.
This is a water/airtight non-locking expansion plug, or vapor sampling plug with the capability of having vapor or water extracted through the cap, without removing the cap from the well. The EX-CAP is made entirely of reinforced chemical resistant nylon and has a stainless steel, easy to use, flip-down locking hasp which allows you to secure the cap with any #1 padlock. The EX-CAP is currently sold in, 2” & 4”. The patented EX-CAP is a permanent remediation tool for the sampling or testing of air & water. The EX-CAP works with almost any situation involving negative or natural pressure such as vapor extraction systems, monitoring wells, methane gas, and radon detection. The snap-on feature of the EX-CAP is a brass self-sealing, quick disconnect couple with .28 vacuum (in./Hg) virtual resistance. It adapts quickly to most any vapor analyzer, vacuum gauge, or peristaltic pump. The EX-CAP has a pull-away chemical resistant dust cover to protect the coupling’s outer face when not connected.

The EX-CAP for “Water” has the ability to provide up to one GPM of fluid or a deep gas sample through its nylon compression fitting port on the bottom side, where an umbilical tube would be attached and set into the well at the desired depth.

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EX-102W EX-CAP Lockable Cap

2” EX-CAP Lockable Cap

EX2-QK-CON Quick Connect

2” Quick Connect w/ 2' tubing Barb x Female Brass

EX4-QK-CON Quick Connect

4” Quick Connect w/ 2' tubing Barb x Female Brass

EX-104W EX-CAP Lockable Cap

4” EX-CAP Lockable Cap