Size of Connection 1 1/4 in
Nominal Casing Dia. 2 in
Coupling R x R Stock
Coupling R x L Stock
Coupling Weight 0.31 lbs
Availability (Blank) Stock
Blank Weight 0.05 lbs
Other 1 - This seals out to 4-3/8" ID casing, Consult factory for additional lengths.
  • Available in the three (3) types, COUPLING (Right by Right / Right by Left) BLANK (for gluing lo PVC pipe) WELD ON
  • Designed to seal in Schedule 40 pipe unless stated otherwise
  • Can be Furnished in STAINLESS STEEL
  • Provides a "sand tight" seal between screen and casing
  • Used for many applications in WATER WELL, CONSTRUCTION, and ENVIRONMENTAL industry
  • Constructed from neoprene rubber being vulcanized and bonded under heat and pressure to coupling or pipe
  • Available in two (2) rubber harnesses
    70 durometer - STANDARD
    50 durometer - SOFT